Sketchnotes from Social Media Marketing World #smmw18

Social Media Marketing World is the ONE conference I do not miss every year. It is the best way I know how to keep up on the constant change of social media.

The constant theme: video.

Michael Stelzner addressed this in his opening keynote. Maybe we've been focused on numbers too long. But live video is what is still breaks through the algorithm.


Live video in ads.

I was drawn to Dennis Yu and Logan Young of Blizmetric's session on Facebook Ads for a $1 a day. The secret: One minute videos pushing content you already have. Here's the framework for those 1-minute videos:

  • Tell a story that illustrates a problem, no intros or bumper
  • Address a problem
  • Offer your solution
  • Call to action

Sexy content that moves the needle.

(Attention grabbing session name of Marcus Sheridan's session on content that leads to sales. VIdeo makes emotional connections with your customers. (And your competition probably isn't using video.) His seven recommendations on how to incorporate video onto your site:

  • Video in your email signature
  • Specific product video
  • Case studies
  • Team video
  • What you're not video (we're  a good match if _____ )
  • Answers to top questions

Talk to one person.

Ann Handley's sessions at Social Media Marketing World are always a breath of fresh air with her emphasis on slowing down to be a good writer. And yes, in this age of video, writing counts more than ever, because writing makes you think and trains you to be articulate. Write to one person translates into talk to one person. Make it personable.

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