I help draw out the best of your ideas.


Making ideas shareable. 

Too many great ideas, organizations and movements die because people have trouble expressing them in a simple, easy to understand way. As a graphic recorder, I help make your compelling ideas easy to understand and shareable.


I use words + pictures to tell the big story.

Words are more powerful when paired with visuals. Visuals are more powerful when words give them context. And that's where I work—in the magical middle, where words and pictures collide and business and creativity flows together.


I am not an artist.

Let me just say it—I don’t create portraits or likenesses. The truth is, I’m a writer who thinks visually and sketches.. Graphic recording isn't about art—it's about ideas. (If you're looking for a portrait illustrator I will gladly recommend one!)


I am an expert at simplifying the complex.


This comes from my 20 years in advertising. On a billboard, I have to convey an idea in 7 words or less for drivers traveling 75 miles an hour.  For a web site, that’s half a second.

Graphic recording and social media aren’t that different. What words and images will best communicate an idea in a memorable way for an audience? What kernel of information will inspire people to share it?


Copywriter > Graphic recorder

As an advertising copywriter, I've always been a visual thinker, writing ads, videos, and broadcast spots. So I guess those years of hanging out with art directors and designers rubbed off on me. I love to write. I love to to doodle. And it's even more fun when I get to do both. It's all about simplifying a message into a compelling, memorable idea.