Large-scale graphic recording

Large-scale graphic recording adds a vibrancy to live events. Whether it's a conference, internal retreat, or creative brainstorming session, graphic recording captures important concepts and themes as they emerge.



Energize conferences.

Large-scale graphic recording can be performed on stage and then displayed in the lobby between sessions. Do members of the audience find this distracting? No, if it further engages them in the event. After sessions are done the large pieces of paper or foam core can be placed in the lobby, where attendees can interact with the content up close. Don't be surprised if you see attendees taking shots of the graphic recording and sharing them on social media. You can also expect to see these images show up in blogs and video recaps of the event.

benefits of graphic_recording.jpg

Maximize meetings.

Let's say you’re bringing the top brass together to make decisions. Or you're assembling a team that ranges from engineers, to product people, to sales, and marketing folk. Graphic recording helps people visualize ideas and communicate faster and more efficiently. It's a visual reminder that their viewpoint is being heard. Prepare for breakthroughs and collaboration like you've never seen.